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Of Super Models and Superheroes

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For some time now, my fiver year old son has been interested, well to be perfectly honest it is more like infatuated, with superheroes.  He has the costumes.  He reads about them in books.  He has even watched a few of the outdated, kid friendly series that can be found on Netflix.  If it has … Continue reading »

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Real Post Baby Bellies: The Evolution of Serenity

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        “Beauty is a quality bestowed upon one…” Brian Jefferson     And after Serenity, a new life is growing too…   Thanks to Daizee for sending in her beautiful belly pictures. If you would like to share your real post baby belly,  contact me via the website or on my Facebook … Continue reading »

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Captured Moment: Real Post Baby Belly Kate

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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone knows how to see it.” Confucius One of my blog readers and Facebook likers, Kate, decided to share a few images of her real, post baby belly.   The Journey started here…   And a few days later, she was here…   Kate said that at this point she … Continue reading »

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I Have A REAL Post-Baby Belly…And I’m OK With It.

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Yesterday, I read a beautiful post with some fabulous, real pictures of post-baby bellies.  I found it so refreshing, especially since I am currently trying to lose my “baby weight.”  So after seeing these pictures, I had this idea.  I imagined what it would be like if I did not care what my belly looks … Continue reading »

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