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A Baby is Not the End

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“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” ~ Tom Hanks as Jimmie Dugan in A League of Their Own. My son and I after my college graduation. Jimmie Dugan was talking about baseball, but some people think that baseball is a poetic … Continue reading »

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I Have Been Two Different Mothers

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My mother has told me that she was a different mother when I was child than she is now with my younger sister, who is ten years my junior.  This use to bother me for several reasons, some of which I don’t completely understand, and I don’t care to get into the details; however, I … Continue reading »

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Why Kevin Bacon Should Not Teach Your Kid Anatomy

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Vagina.  Vagina.  Vagina. Hello there.  My name I Corey and I am a big pile of chicken shit when it comes to saying the word vagina to people under four feet tall. I can type that word just fine.  I could probably fill this whole page up with the word vagina.  I just hit six … Continue reading »

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What I Have Learned in the Last Five Years of Motherhood: Farts, Puke, Poop & Stuff

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Five years ago this day, I became a baby maker.  And since that wonderful day, I have learned the following.  Feel free to add your own horror stories…I mean sacred memories. 1.  Babies run on baby time.  And when they become toddlers, they run on toddler time.  And when they become preschoolers, they run on … Continue reading »

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At the End of the Day, We Are All Called “Parents”

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I’ve written before about how wonderful Facebook is for connecting mothers and fathers; particularly stay at home parents who are often hungry for adult interaction but aren’t always able to walk outside and find it.  The internet in general can easily become a nice little outlet that is somewhat reminiscent of a small town neighborhood.  With a … Continue reading »

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The “Inconvenience” of Having Children

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My grandmother once told me that the arrival of a new baby today is received entirely different than it was when she was a baby.  She told me that today when people hear that another baby is to be expected, the event is celebrated and anticipated.  She told me that her own birth was similar … Continue reading »

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