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Of Super Models and Superheroes

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For some time now, my fiver year old son has been interested, well to be perfectly honest it is more like infatuated, with superheroes.  He has the costumes.  He reads about them in books.  He has even watched a few of the outdated, kid friendly series that can be found on Netflix.  If it has … Continue reading »

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Four Crazy Days

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Sometimes I have gobs of eloquently crafted, witty and sometimes snarky sentences bouncing around in my head to perfectly describe something that I desperately want to talk about, and then there are times like today where I resort to simply creating a list.  Here is a breakdown of my past 4 days.   Started a … Continue reading »

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7 Things I’m Thankful For…Shallow Things That Is

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Thanksgiving is upon us, for those here in America.  And so I decided to think about all of the things that I am thankful for…the shallow things that is.  I mean the real, deep, nitty-gritty things that I am thankful for I will save for the kitchen table, but for here…for here I put the … Continue reading »

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So this weekend I finally did it.  I broke down and took myself shopping.  Normally, I really enjoy shopping.  I love, love, love to buy beautiful things for my boys, my husband (Does a Big Bang Theory shirt count as beautiful?) and occasionally our home.  However, since becoming pregnant last September and having my Mush … Continue reading »

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The Great Shower Heist

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A few days ago, I vented on my Facebook page about the fact that I have become the smelly mom.  Today, my husband told me that he was not going to make it home for lunch, which would typically mean no shower for me.  I’m the smelly mom when I shower, so I couldn’t afford … Continue reading »

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My Mom: An Old Lady Trying to Get Into Heaven

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Bill Cosby did a classic skit on his show (The Cosby Show of course) that dealt with how his parents treat his children completely different than how they treated him as a child. He called his parents a fraud and referred to them as two old people just trying to get into heaven. Bill, if … Continue reading »

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