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Of Super Models and Superheroes

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For some time now, my fiver year old son has been interested, well to be perfectly honest it is more like infatuated, with superheroes.  He has the costumes.  He reads about them in books.  He has even watched a few of the outdated, kid friendly series that can be found on Netflix.  If it has … Continue reading »

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So this weekend I finally did it.  I broke down and took myself shopping.  Normally, I really enjoy shopping.  I love, love, love to buy beautiful things for my boys, my husband (Does a Big Bang Theory shirt count as beautiful?) and occasionally our home.  However, since becoming pregnant last September and having my Mush … Continue reading »

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Pregnancy is NOT a SNL Skit

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This morning I was perusing Facebook while nursing my Mush Man and found this little pearl on the web.  Something about reading the headline Self help for pregnant Bimbos made my eyeballs practically burst and made my mouth blurt WTF?  I went on to read the article which is a critique about a new pregnancy … Continue reading »

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Battling the Bulge (Part One)

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You know those moms that get pregnant, have a baby and then walk out of the hospital in the same pants that they got pregnant in?  I am not one of those moms.  Actually, I am the kind of mom that would have tripped that other type of mom as she left the hospital.  Childish, … Continue reading »

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