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My Mom: An Old Lady Trying to Get Into Heaven

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Bill Cosby did a classic skit on his show (The Cosby Show of course) that dealt with how his parents treat his children completely different than how they treated him as a child. He called his parents a fraud and referred to them as two old people just trying to get into heaven. Bill, if … Continue reading »

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Disgusting Things My Kids Made Me Do

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  Here is a list of some disgusting things that my kids made me do. 1.  Sleep in pee.  I haven’t peed my pants in a really long time, but I am pretty sure if I peed my own pants in bed, I would definitely wake up.  The funny thing is, when somebody else pees … Continue reading »

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50 Moments for Mothers and Sons to Share

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After reading a post about fathers and daughters, I felt inspired to do the same for mothers and sons.  Enjoy.  Teach him that crying is ok.  Everybody does it.  Even grown men after watching The Notebook. Sing him a special bedtime song.  Maybe he will remember it when he becomes a father and has a child … Continue reading »

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Surrendering to the Din

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I have had two children for exactly 8 weeks and three days, and today I had my first mini melt down.  Monday was the last day that I had a break during the day where both kids were either asleep or occupied and nothing was expected of me.  I have been very fortunate by my … Continue reading »

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