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When Moms Fight on Facebook

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Once upon a time not so long ago, I was a first grade teacher, which entails a lot of things, but mostly it involves keeping the peace.  Because if I didn’t, eventually one of those kids in my class was going to learn to count and realize that they outnumbered me 29 to 1….and then … Continue reading »

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This post has nothing to do with parenting.  It has everything to do with the downfall of society, communication and the lack of self satisfaction that one gets from an argument with a complete stranger via Facebook. So last night, I was minding my own business and avoiding school work, dishes and a bunch of … Continue reading »

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10 Reasons Why Mom Friends Rock

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Earlier today, I asked some awesome Facebook likers (I don’t know if you are suppose to call the people that like your Facebook page fans or what, but fans sounds weird so I am sticking with likers.  I will just be careful that likers does not get auto corrected to lickers because that would be … Continue reading »

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Why Facebook is Good for Moms Seeking Advice

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I like to research information about parenting.  I like to read parenting books, magazines, articles, and I even like to watch documentaries about things that have to do with parenting.  I am fascinated by families and particularly by different roles that mothers play in families.  To give one example, I love watching that show with … Continue reading »

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