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Where the Co-Sleepers “Do It”

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My mother once told me a story about her mother never letting her stay out past 11 pm or maybe midnight when she was in high school.  It had something to do with my grandmother’s belief that anybody staying out beyond that time was just staying out to have sex.  One day, my mother informed … Continue reading »

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The Marital Bed

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It has been practically a year since my husband and I have shared a room together, let alone our marital bed.  I know.  I know.  I can hear the gasps from over here.  Before bets are placed on how long our marriage will last, allow me to explain.  During my last trimester of pregnancy, I … Continue reading »

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Four Crazy Days

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Sometimes I have gobs of eloquently crafted, witty and sometimes snarky sentences bouncing around in my head to perfectly describe something that I desperately want to talk about, and then there are times like today where I resort to simply creating a list.  Here is a breakdown of my past 4 days.   Started a … Continue reading »

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What Happens in Milwaukee Matters

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So yesterday I was minding my business when all of the sudden I saw THIS.  Click on it, and you will see the latest attempt by the Milwaukee ad campaign against co sleeping.  If you can’t click on it, I will tell you that it is a mattress with the imprint of a baby on … Continue reading »

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Dear Milwaukee,

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Dear Mayor Tom Barrett, Your new campaign to improve the mortality rate of infants in your city has been brought to my attention; specifically, your posters depicting infants sleeping with knives in beds.  To be honest, I find your ads offensive.  Your ads vilify people like me.  Who am I?  So glad you asked.   … Continue reading »

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