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Please Means “Give it to me!”

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Monkey Boy, who is almost five, was being very moody today.  In fact, if I didn’t know better, I would say spending the day with him was almost like living with myself!  Shudder, shudder, shudder.  In any event, as I was putting away the dishes he grunted the following: “Get me some water.” Huh?  Who … Continue reading »

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Beatnik Baby

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The other day my husband called me a hippie. He was giving our son a bath, something that is usually done by me, and was laughing at my directions for washing the baby. I told him to use a little bit of Dr. Bronner’s soap in the tub and to scrub down the Mush Man’s … Continue reading »

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Kids Need More Daddy Day Care

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Today, while I was waiting to pick up the Monkey Boy from his preschool, this man holding a baby came and sat next to me on a small brick wall that faces the front of the 4 year old classroom.  My son has only been attending preschool for about four weeks, and in that time … Continue reading »

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10 Reasons Why Mom Friends Rock

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Earlier today, I asked some awesome Facebook likers (I don’t know if you are suppose to call the people that like your Facebook page fans or what, but fans sounds weird so I am sticking with likers.  I will just be careful that likers does not get auto corrected to lickers because that would be … Continue reading »

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50 Moments for Mothers and Sons to Share

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After reading a post about fathers and daughters, I felt inspired to do the same for mothers and sons.  Enjoy.  Teach him that crying is ok.  Everybody does it.  Even grown men after watching The Notebook. Sing him a special bedtime song.  Maybe he will remember it when he becomes a father and has a child … Continue reading »

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Surrendering to the Din

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I have had two children for exactly 8 weeks and three days, and today I had my first mini melt down.  Monday was the last day that I had a break during the day where both kids were either asleep or occupied and nothing was expected of me.  I have been very fortunate by my … Continue reading »

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