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Birthday Party Planning Involves Tequila and Michael Bolton

My Monkey Boy is turning five in January…because that is what kids do.  They grow up and make you old, like really old really fast.  But that is another post all together that I will never write because it would require some Michael Bolton, tequila and a box of tissues to get through. My Monkey Boy is … Continue reading »

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To Re-Gift or Not to Re-Gift

I’m going to jump out guns blazing and admit that I am not a fan of re-gifting.  I know.  I know.  That is really uncool, and I should totally support something that is cost effective and technically good for the environment.  And I get all of that.  Just like I get that dentists aren’t sadistic … Continue reading »

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When Moms Fight on Facebook

Once upon a time not so long ago, I was a first grade teacher, which entails a lot of things, but mostly it involves keeping the peace.  Because if I didn’t, eventually one of those kids in my class was going to learn to count and realize that they outnumbered me 29 to 1….and then … Continue reading »

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Real Post Baby Bellies: The Evolution of Serenity

        “Beauty is a quality bestowed upon one…” Brian Jefferson     And after Serenity, a new life is growing too…   Thanks to Daizee for sending in her beautiful belly pictures. If you would like to share your real post baby belly,  contact me via the website or on my Facebook … Continue reading »

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Gender Neutral Names…Sometimes They Suck

Today, I gave an interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about safe sleep that will run later this month.  I have been in loose contact with the reporter ever since creating my petition asking the Milwaukee Health Department to remove their anti- co sleeping posters.  Today, however, would be the first time that the reporter … Continue reading »

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“Do You Want a Picture of Your Grandma’s Belly?” & Other Words From Unexpected Readers

Did you just read the title of this post?  Go back. Read it again. These are the words my grandfather said to me while I was visiting over the Thanksgiving holiday.  Upon hearing this I  immediately picture my grandfather talking to his friends, most likely while bowling on a weekday during the afternoon- typical older, … Continue reading »

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