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The Mighty Womb

Being Pregnant Does Not Make Me a Patient

  Today I was reminded of something that really irked me when I was pregnant and seeking out a doctor/midwife to deliver my child.  I moved during the middle of my pregnancy which meant having to leave behind my wonderful doctor.  I found myself in desperate need to find a doctor who was covered under … Continue reading »

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Pregnancy is NOT a SNL Skit

This morning I was perusing Facebook while nursing my Mush Man and found this little pearl on the web.  Something about reading the headline Self help for pregnant Bimbos made my eyeballs practically burst and made my mouth blurt WTF?  I went on to read the article which is a critique about a new pregnancy … Continue reading »

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Battling the Bulge (Part One)

You know those moms that get pregnant, have a baby and then walk out of the hospital in the same pants that they got pregnant in?  I am not one of those moms.  Actually, I am the kind of mom that would have tripped that other type of mom as she left the hospital.  Childish, … Continue reading »

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15 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Doesn’t Suck and is Worth A Try

 It is like a superpower.  Spiderman shoots webs, Superman flies, Hulk has super strength and moms can lactate!  I realize the Incredible Lactating Woman would probably make a pretty lame Michael Bay thriller, but she is a big hit with the newborn crowd. It is the closest you will ever get to that money tree … Continue reading »

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You Got to Fight for Your Right to Birth: My quest for a VBAC

I find that when people write about their birth stories they often get caught up in the details, and while these details are of exceptional importance to the person writing them, as they should be, they can often become a little mundane or drawn out for the reader.  I am going to attempt to tell … Continue reading »

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