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PPP (Parenting Pet Peeves)


What Happens in Milwaukee Matters

So yesterday I was minding my business when all of the sudden I saw THIS.  Click on it, and you will see the latest attempt by the Milwaukee ad campaign against co sleeping.  If you can’t click on it, I will tell you that it is a mattress with the imprint of a baby on … Continue reading »

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Dear Milwaukee,

Dear Mayor Tom Barrett, Your new campaign to improve the mortality rate of infants in your city has been brought to my attention; specifically, your posters depicting infants sleeping with knives in beds.  To be honest, I find your ads offensive.  Your ads vilify people like me.  Who am I?  So glad you asked.   … Continue reading »

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The Disgustingtons: A true and scary tale for Halloween

This weekend was filled with typical fall/Halloween staple activities that involved a trip to a local pumpkin patch.  I don’t know where you live, but I live in Arizona; the hot part of Arizona.  And yes, there are some parts that do not feel like the surface of the sun.  Heading out to a large … Continue reading »

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SHHH! The Baby is Sleeping!

Certain things in life are hard like advanced calculus, deciphering ancient Egyptian ruins and having one child sleep in your home while the other people in your home are awake…or alive for that matter.  My first born, the Monkey Boy, was a very light sleeper.  I always assumed this was in part due to him … Continue reading »

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Do They Make A T-Shirt For Days Like This?

Ever since giving birth the second time around in May, all I seem to ever wear are t-shirts; simple, boring white t-shirts that hide spit up, leakage and whatever else my kids seem to cover me with.  Usually, I could care less, but on days when I find myself surrounded by people that had more than … Continue reading »

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Pregnancy is NOT a SNL Skit

This morning I was perusing Facebook while nursing my Mush Man and found this little pearl on the web.  Something about reading the headline Self help for pregnant Bimbos made my eyeballs practically burst and made my mouth blurt WTF?  I went on to read the article which is a critique about a new pregnancy … Continue reading »

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