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How Kids and Grown Ups Handle Conflict

My father called me the other day.  He told me about a conference he had with my little brother’s teacher.  She made the comment that my brother overreacted to conflict situations.  That got me thinking.  Do kids really handle conflict all that different than adults.  You be the judge. Doesn’t everyone know a pain in … Continue reading »

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Smart Phones and Face-Crack

I went for a long time without having a “smart phone.”  I didn’t have one because I find them to be the downfall of society or I find myself to be too cerebral to spend my time in a waiting room playing Words with Friends instead of reading Fitzgerald.  No, my husband and I simply … Continue reading »

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My Attachment Parenting Interview with Barbara Walters: I am Avant Garde and Mayim Bialik is My Leader

The following is a transcript from an interview that has never happened.  Any likeness to any actual  interview that has happened is purely coincidental and awesome.  These questions did not really come from Barbara Walters, aka Babs, but they very well could have.  In fact, since learning today that attachment parents are avant garde and … Continue reading »

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Feelings Are Like Ugly Sweaters

Sometimes I get in funks.  Sometimes the world beyond my home feels… too busy too intense too dressed up too annoying too obnoxious too overwhelming too…everything. And so I feel like shutting it out.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not a recluse.  But I have one of those personalities that doesn’t always love people.  Actually, … Continue reading »

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Little White Mommy Lies

I think one of the most frustrating parts of motherhood, or being a parent, is the lack of truth and honesty shared among mothers.  Moms lie a lot.  And I know someone right now is reading this and shaking their head, but I call bullshit.  We lie.  We lie in ways we don’t even realize … Continue reading »

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Sh!t I Will Do To My Kids When I Get Old

My husband left me today.  No, don’t freak.  The poor bastard is coming back…or else! No, he actually had a sales trip.  He had to drive three hours to a boring town and stay in a shitty hotel after trying to hock shit to a bunch of people who normally buy the type of shit … Continue reading »

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