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Big Kids

Greetings From My Cage…I Mean Hotel Room

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Steve Harvey give an interview on Ellen.  He was talking about having recently traveled to Africa and going on safari.  Ellen asked him all of the questions that you would expect to ask someone who had gone on safari; however, as I sit in my hotel room, … Continue reading »

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Ornithophobia & Where Babies Come From

“MOM!” shouts the Monkey Boy from downstairs. At the time, I was folding the laundry upstairs, minding my own business and probably thinking that I was the best mother in the entire universe, BWHAHAHAHA. “How do babies get into people’s tummies?” SH*T!  Maybe that isn’t what he said.  Maybe I am just really, really tired. … Continue reading »

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Why I Let My Son Pick His Clothes

My son wears many hats…literally.  My son owns the following hats: fireman’s hat baseball hat viking helmet baseball helmet bicycle helmet cowboy hat football helmet catcher’s helmet Woody cowboy hat And that does not even begin to cover the various types of superhero head gear that are sporadically strewn throughout my house. A year or … Continue reading »

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The Art of Spitting

There are few things about parenting that I loathe; however, one thing that I truly can’t stand is having my son brush his teeth.  STOP!  Before you go postal and call child protective services on my neglectful ass, allow me to explain.  I have no issue with the actual brushing or the teeth.  My issue … Continue reading »

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