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Author Archives: cbplaner

Breastfeeding as Therapy

This past week has felt very stressful and tense.  I have had a lot of things weighing down on me lately, but I don’t want to delve deep into all of that…because who really wants to read about another person’s silly stresses.  Actually, lots of people seem to if the stressed person is a celebrity, … Continue reading »

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Real Post Baby Bellies: The Evolution of Serenity

        “Beauty is a quality bestowed upon one…” Brian Jefferson     And after Serenity, a new life is growing too…   Thanks to Daizee for sending in her beautiful belly pictures. If you would like to share your real post baby belly,  contact me via the website or on my Facebook … Continue reading »

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Gender Neutral Names…Sometimes They Suck

Today, I gave an interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about safe sleep that will run later this month.  I have been in loose contact with the reporter ever since creating my petition asking the Milwaukee Health Department to remove their anti- co sleeping posters.  Today, however, would be the first time that the reporter … Continue reading »

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You’re Going WHERE for Christmas?

It is getting close to Christmas, if you celebrate it.  And that means a bunch of stuff.  It means that it is time to buy gifts, decorate, buy gifts, do Christmas projects with your kids, buy gifts, bake lots of food, buy gifts and FIGURE OUT WHERE YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND THE HOLIDAYS.  Did … Continue reading »

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This post has nothing to do with parenting.  It has everything to do with the downfall of society, communication and the lack of self satisfaction that one gets from an argument with a complete stranger via Facebook. So last night, I was minding my own business and avoiding school work, dishes and a bunch of … Continue reading »

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7 Misconceptions About Stay at Home Moms

I woke up this morning, and while brushing my teeth (you may begin clapping because brushing my teeth first thing in the morning versus barely remembering at night is praiseworthy in my house), I remembered back to my days spent as a working mother.  I remember getting up early, trying to not wake the Monkey … Continue reading »

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