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About the Blog…And Stuff

The Mush Man and I

My husband once told me that I needed to create an about page for my blog, and I was like, “but I don’t know what the hell this blog is going to be about.”  And to tell you the truth, I still don’t know what this damn thing is all about.

I thought that perhaps I could write a FAQ page or an interview…but nobody really asks me all that many questions, and I am not nearly as cool as Stephen Colbert to be able to interview myself.

So instead, I will just try and give you the general, vague…um, essence? of what I write about.

Sometimes, I like to be funny and write silly little lists like the kind that David Letterman gets paid to read but doesn’t actually write.  I like lists.  Lists are good.

And other times, I like to get all sentimental and mushy…because I have hormones and shit…and I am a mom…and I cry at the drop of a freaking hat whenever there is something mushy within 5 feet of  me.

Other times I get all angsty (spell check said that angsty isn’t a word which is further proof that spell check is an asshole), and I write about stuff that makes me mad, or that ticks me off or that makes me feel all medieval.

And every once in awhile I get very serious and college student like.  This has to do with the fact that I am a semester away from getting my big fancy master’s degree that will probably sit on a shelf and collect dust next to my other degrees.

Oh, and I like to write about parenting (duh, look at the title), breastfeeding, birth, kids, education and “stuff.”

So my blog has multiple personalities…but the person who writes it does not…except for when I do.

Stick around.  Read what I write.  Subscribe to my stuff, and like me on Facebook.  You could even hock your stuff on my site.  Just make sure your stuff doesn’t suck.

Peace out!


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