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Kim Zolciak….Breastfeeding Poster Child?

Posted by on December 21, 2011

I am a reality television whore.  I’m not necessarily proud of it, but I can’t control it anymore than I can control being a Scorpio or thinking that every person who is not a Scorpio secretly wishes they were one.  But I digress.

Part of my regiment of weekly television that is ruining my mind is watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta.  And after reading that, at least 20 people, myself included have lost all faith in my intelligence.  What can I say?  I don’t drink…except for an occasional beer or margarita.  I don’t smoke, and I don’t even use the “F” word when typing this blog because I felt like I needed to have at least one stupid rule when writing.  So my vice is watching the ladies of Atlanta with the intensity that one might watch a football game….or paint drying.

Throughout this season, Kim Zolciak, the wig wearing housewife with a mouth that would embarrass a truck driver’s mother, has been pregnant, given birth and discussed several issues that are very common to mothers.  Most of the shit she talks about makes me cringe for one reason or another.  This is where the hate part of our fake relationship come in.

Kim with her new baby KJ

When discussing childbirth, Zolciak goes on and on about how badly she wants her pain meds because during her last birth she had a hospital birth without meds.  She never wanted a pain med free birth, her epidural simply did not take.  I have no issue with a woman wanting pain meds for her birth, but I do take issue when a woman calls all women who birth naturally dumbasses….especially when that woman is a freaking “real housewife.”

Truth be told, I was also a bit offended when Zolciak gave her reason for circumcising her son.  She said that she didn’t want him to go through life with a “turtle neck on his pee pee.”  Because he might be made fun of?  The kid has a mom with fake boobs that could make Dolly Parten jealous, a menagerie of wigs with names and is a freaking “real housewife!”  The kid’s penis is the last thing that he is going to have to worry about no matter what is or is not done to it!

But now comes the part that makes me kind of love Kim Zolciak.  She is a breastfeeding FANATIC!  Seriously, this woman is the FREAKING poster child for nursing in public!

Before the baby was born, she sat down and talked about nursing with her oldest daughter.  Her daughter said something to the effect of, “I don’t want to see a baby sucking on your boob.”  And Zolciak was then said something to the effect of, “You use to suck on these boobs and that is why you are so healthy.”  Can I get that on a t-shirt somewhere?

And it gets better.  She jokes about breastfeeding with her dad.  She talks about breastfeeding all the damn time, and she is also an avid pumper…maybe a bit to avid.  Last week’s episode featured Zolciak driving her big SUV while she was pumping.  Yes, the woman pumped as she drove because she claims that she has to feed or pump every two hours because she produces so much milk.  Now, while I don’t think that pumping and driving is safe, especially while being filmed, I still kind of love her for that.

Here is the link to the pump and drive by: Kim Z Pumps and Drives

So that is my fake love/hate relationship with Kim Zolciak.  And I have to say, that while she throws out some opinions that I think are lame, overall, I think she is doing something pretty fantastic.  Boat loads of women watch this show.  And the fact that she makes pumping and breastfeeding look so normal (because it is) and cool (which it is) sends a great message out to a bunch of women that might not ever see something of this nature.

So, kudos to Kim….and her wigs….all of which are named….and placed in a car with seat belts whenever she travels.  And women who don’t want drugs when they birth are the dumbasses?  And yes, there are a bunch of other things that I could hate about Kim Zolciak, but in a society where so few moms nurse, you have to give kudos to those that go balls to the walls, extreme nursing!

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hbarnhorn 6 pts

I think that breastfeeding has the oddest supporters in the most unlikely places. Hopefully this will encourage women who idolize the show to give it a shot.

cbplaner 16 pts moderator

hbarnhorn Isn't that the truth! I really do hope that this encourages more women to view breastfeeding as normal; especially, those women that might never see breastfeeding discussed so candidly any place else.