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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Park Freeloaders

Before anybody looks down their nose for my self-created, stay-at-home-mom drama, allow me to say that I don’t care what anybody says, and my silly drama is no more or less silly than the drama about the employee who never follows dress code, the boss who mispronounces his employee of ten years name or the … Continue reading »

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Baby-wearing & the Woo Saw

Every day I look forward to several different routine events with both of my children. With my first born, affectionately referred to as Monkey Boy, I look forward to discussions about various television shows that he loves (i.e. Dinosaur Train or Word World), reading books, rocking him after his nap (a sweet leftover from his … Continue reading »

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Coco-What? I really admire the natural/organic/green-living moms.  I appreciate the amount of time they take when researching ways to make the lives of their families as clean and safe as possible.  I appreciate that they appreciate the environment so much that they consistently spend an extra five or ten bucks on each earth-friendly product they … Continue reading »

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